Sales and Use Tax Bonds

What is a Sales Tax Bond?

Sales and Use Tax surety bonds, or just Sales Tax Bonds, are a financial guarantee bond that is usually required of businesses who collect sales tax for their state, county or municipality. The bond guarantees that the business will pay the collected sales tax as required or the surety bond will pay up to the penal sum of the bond in their place. The bond amount is usually based upon a calculation of multiple months gross receipts or a projection of gross receipts.

Common Bonds included in this category:

  • Beer, Liquor and Alcohol Tax
  • Customs Tax
  • Fireworks Tax
  • Motor Fuels Tax
  • Tobacco & Cigarette Tax

What does a Sales Tax bond cost?

There is a variety of different sales tax bond requirements and each bond type has its own associated risk that can effect the premium required for that particular bond type.  5% is the typical base rate charged for sales tax bonds, however some classifications may be lower dependent upon the risk, the creditworthiness and the financial wherewithal of the applicant.  Let A1SuretyBonds get a low rate for your sales tax bond today!

Can I get a Sales Tax bond with Bad Credit?

We can issue Sales Tax Surety Bonds for 99% of the applicants no matter what their credit report looks like!  We have the best surety companies and the most understanding underwriters that will jump through hoops to get your bond issued.  Accounts with credit issues can still get their bond through one of our Bad Credit bonding programs

How do I get a Sales Tax Bond?

Whether you are looking for a bond premium quote or you are ready to purchase your bond, the fastest and easiest way to begin the bonding process is to complete our online application.  Once completed one of our underwriters will secure you the best quote and contact you directly.  Would you like some assistance with the application process?  Contact our office and one of our staff will be glad to assist you!

Find your state below to see what Sales Tax bonds are currently available in your state.  Contact our office if you dont see your bond listed.