Mississippi Sales Tax Bond

The State of Mississippi requires any person or entity wishing to engage in any business or activity which is subject to a privilege tax imposed by Title 27-Chapter 65 §27-65-27 (2013), All must apply to the Commissioner for the MS Dept of Revenue for a permit to engage in and to conduct any business or activity upon the condition that he shall pay the tax accruing to the State of Mississippi under the provisions of this chapter.  The Sales Tax bond is required to guarantee tax payments to the state in the event of a default of the permitee.  

How much does my Mississippi Sales Tax Bond need to be?

The required bond amount is set at an amount sufficient to cover two (2) times the estimated tax liability for a period of three (3) months.  This bond must be filed with the commissioner prior to the issuance of a permit to transact business and before any such person or entity may engage in business within this state.