Court Bonds

Court surety bonds help to protect parties from losses arising from a court decision or fraudulent actions. Court surety bonds encompass two main categories: civil court bonds and probate court surety bonds.

Civil or Judicial Court Surety Bonds

Civil court bonds are also known as judicial court surety bonds and are typically required in legal proceedings wherein one of the two parties is seeking legal relief or compensation from the other. This category is broken down into  Plaintiff surety bonds and Defendant surety bonds and they provide a guarantee to the winning party that the losing party will pay or otherwise remit what is mandated by the court. Appeal Surety Bonds, Release of Mechanics Lien, Replevin Surety Bond and Injunction Surety Bond are all examples of Civil or Judicial Surety Bond types.

Probate Court or Fiduciary Surety Bonds

Probate bonds are required of parties that will be placed in charge of the assets or estate of another who is either a minor or has been declared incompetent. These bonds guarantee that the fiduciary will properly manage the finances or estate of the minor, incapacitated or deceased person. Administrator Surety Bonds and Guardianship or Conservator Surety Bonds are examples of Probate/Fiduciary Surety Bond types.

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Administrator - Executor Bonds Required of fiduciaries that have been entrusted with the distribution of the assets of an estate.
Conservator - Guardianship Bonds Required of Fiduciaries entrusted with distribution of assets of an incompetent or minor.
Cost on Appeal Bond Required of appealing parties to cover costs associated with an appeal.
Defendants Judicial Court Bonds Required of Defendants in Judicial Court Proceedings.
Plaintiffs Judicial Court Bonds Required of Plaintiffs in Judicial court proceedings

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