Florida Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Tax Surety Bonds

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires the following business types to be licensed according to their business type and post an Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Tax Surety Bond in order to transact business in the State of Florida.

  • Manufacturers/distillers, rectifiers or blenders of spirits
  • Manufactures/brewers of malt beverages
  • Manufacturers of wines
  • Importers or Exporters of alcoholic beverages
  • Distributors of alcoholic beverages
  • Vendors of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or tobacco products
  • Commercial bottle clubs
  • Wine and Spirits Brokers or sales agents
  • Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Distributing Agents and Wholesale Dealers of cigarettes
  • Wholesale dealers of other tobacco products
  • Makers, Manufactures or Fabricators of other tobacco products within the state


License Designation                          Required Alcoholic Beverage/Tobacco Tax Surety Bond
Alcohol Manufacturer Based on monthly liability
Brewer $20,000.00
Beer and/or Wine Distributor (JDBW) $25,000.00
Liquor, Beer, Wine Distributor (KLD) $100,000,00
Bonded Warehouse Based on monthly liability
Cigarette Tax Paid Distributor $2,000.00
Cigarette Stamping Distributor - Cash $2,000.00 minimum, based on monthly liability
Cigarette Stamping Distributor - Charge                              110% of monthly liability, not less than $2,000.00 
Cigarette Distributing Agent $10,000.00
Cigarette Exporter Minimum $2,000.00, based on monthly liability
Tobacco Products Distributor  $1,000.00 minimum, based on monthly liability



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