Bad Credit Surety Bonds has partnered with top rated surety companies to offer surety bonds regardless of credit.  Whether you have bad credit or no credit at all, we can get the bond you need!

Get a surety bond with bad or no credit!

Damaged or Bad Credit Surety Bonds are available for those individuals and businesses that are currently experiencing credit issues and are unable to obtain their surety bond through standard channels.  We have several programs available to assist you in securing your surety bond while your credit is on the mend.  You will be faced with higher premiums than a standard account, but we will only place the business with top rated carriers who understand the need to work with your credit issues.

Most programs offer premium financing to help with the higher premiums and allow you to stay in business by securing the surety bond you need.

What does my credit score have to do with getting a Surety Bond?

Surety bonds are a three party credit relationship between you, the principal, the surety company and the obligee, the entity requiring you to post the surety bond.  The surety company takes into account how you have handled your personal credit in order to establish a premium rate and qualify you for your surety bond.  

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