Colorado Fuel Distributors Tax Surety Bonds

Any person who acts as a Fuel distributor, supplier, importer, exporter, blender, terminal operator or carrier of fuel in the State of Colorado must be licensed as such and provide a Fuel Distributors Tax Surety Bond to the Colorado Department of Revenue to guarantee payment of the Colorado excise tax that is collected on motor fuel sales.

How do I calculate the bond amount I need for a CO Fuel Distributors Bond?

The total bond amount must be equal to three times the monthly tax liability, not to exceed $200,000.00.  The minimum bond allowed for gasoline and/or Special fuel is $25,000.00.  Aviation gasoline and aviation jet fuel is considered gasoline for bond purposes.

You can calculate the required bond amount by using the calculation tool located on page 3 of the CO Fuel License Application Booklet (DR7064)


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