Georgia Non Resident Contractors Tax Bond

Before entering into the performance of any contract the total price of which or the total compensation to be received by the contractor from which amounts to more than $10,000.00, the contractor shall execute and file with the commissioner a GA Non Resident Contractor Tax Bond. The bond shall guarantee that all taxes which may accrue and are payable to the state and to its political subdivisions, on account of the execution and performance of the contract, will be paid upon demand, including, but not limited to, contributions due under Chapter 8 of Title 34 of the Ga Annotated code.

Every bond required under this code must be in an amount equal to 10% percent of the contract price or of the compensation to be received by the contractor pursuant to the contract. No bond will be accepted in an amount less than $10,000.00 with respect to all contracts to be performed during the current calendar year.

The commissioner may permit or require a contractor to file a blanket or master bond conditioned as provided in subsection (a) of this Code section and in a sum determined proper by the commissioner when:

(i) The contractor is engaged in a continuing service under multiple contracts or is performing services under a contract on a contingent or unit basis, and the contract price or compensation cannot be calculated until the completion of the contract; or
(ii) The commissioner determines that registration of a contract before commencement of work under the contract is impracticable.

What does a GA Non Resident Contractor Tax Bond cost?

The typical rate for a GA Non Resident Contractor Tax Bond is 2% of the requested bond amount, with a minumum premium of $100 annually.   

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We issue GA Non Resident Contractor Tax Bonds for 99% of the applicants no matter what their credit report looks like! We have partnered with multiple surety companies to provide the lowest rates available. Our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program allows you to secure your bond and operate your business while your personal credit is on the mend.

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