Motor Vehicle Industry Bonds

Motor vehicle dealer / Auto Dealer bonds are required of businesses that buy, sell and otherwise transfer titles of motor vehicles, ATV’s, boats, trailers and mobile homes. The Motor Vehicle Dealer bond guarantees that the business will comply with the local laws and regulations. These bonds are also referred to as DMV bond, MVD bond, Used Car Dealer Bond, and Dealer bond.

While Motor Vehicle Dealers make up the proponderance of bond types in this category, there are also surety bond requirements for the licensing of:

  • Fuel suppliers, Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Vehicle Remanufacturers
  • Vehicle Dismantlers
  • Auto Garages
  • Body Shops
  • Driving Schools
  • Vehicle Auction 

and many more!

Find your state and apply for your Motor Vehicle Industry Surety Bond.  Let our expert staff get the bond you need at the lowest possible price!  We work fast so you can stay focused on your business - Satisfaction Guaranteed!