Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer License Surety Bond

Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle manufacturers, distributors and importers operating in the State of Florida, or out of state manufacturers of mobile homes and recreational vehicles, who ultimately offer their product for sale in the state of Florida, must be licensed as a Mobile Home or Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer and as part of the licensing requirements they are required post and maintain a $50,000.00 Manufacturers License Surety Bond.

Other mobile home license bond requirements are:

Mobile Home Broker License Bond

Mobile Home Dealer License Bond

How do I get a Florida (FL) Mobile Home Manufacturer License Surety Bond?

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How much does an Florida (FL) Mobile Home Manufacturer Bond Cost?

The base rate for the Mobile Home Manufacturer bond is $750 per year for qualifying accounts, based upon the personal credit of the applicant.  Don’t worry though, if you have credit issues, our Bad Credit Surety Bond program can get you the bond you need!  We bond 99% of all applicants no matter what their credit report looks like!  We have the best surety companies and the lowest Bad Credit Surety Bond rates.


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