Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer License Surety Bond

The sale and distribution of Motor Vehicles in the State of Colorado requires the Dealer to secure a license with the Colorado Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. All dealer licenses requires the licensee to post and maintain a $50,000 surety bond.  Small trailer dealers (weighing less than 2000 pounds) are required to post a $5,000 surety bond. Apply for your Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond online and save!  

How much does a Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond cost?

We offer rates as low as $300 for a 1 year $50,000 bond for qualifying accounts!  Do you have credit issues?  Not to worry, we have extensive bonding programs to help you get the bond you need at the lowest possible price, financing is available in most cases.  If your current bond is costing you more than $375 per year, call 800-737-4880 and let us help you save some of that hard earned money. 

How to become a Motor Vehicle Dealer in Colorado

If you intend to sell or lease 3 or more vehicles from the same property address within 1 year (12 consecutive months) in order to make a profit, then you must become licensed as a Motor Vehicle Dealer with the CO Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.  You will need to indicate which license type and follow the required licensing steps prescribed by the Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.  Available license classifications are:

  • Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Franchised Powersports Vehicle Dealer
  • Used Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Used Powersports Vehicle Dealer
  • Wholesaler
  • Wholesale Motor Vehicle Auction Dealer
  • Small Trailer Dealer ($5,000 Bond) 


Colorado also requires Motor Vehicle Salespersons to be licensed and bonded, get your sales staff bonded with us and save.  Apply for your $15,000 Motor Vehicle Salesperson and Powersports Vehicle Salesperson bond.  


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