Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer License Surety Bonds

If you are operating as a Motor Vehicle Dealer, Distributor, Lessor, Rebuilder or Manufacturer in the State of Nevada you are required to be licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.  As part of the licensing requirements you are required to post a Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond (OBL210).  

Bond amounts required for the following licenses are as follows:

  • $100,000 Surety Bond - New, New and Used, Used Motor Vehicle Dealer (includes all other license types not specifically listed) 

  • $100,000 Surety Bond - Motorcycles, Horse Trailers without living quarters or Utility Trailers with an unladen weight of 3,501 or more. 

  • $50,000 Surety Bond - Utility or Boat trailers with an unladen weight of 3,500 or less.

The process of becoming a motor vehicle dealer in the State of Nevada entails a lot of paperwork.  We strive to make the bonding process much less time consuming by alowing you to Apply online for your Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond anytime, day or night.  


Once your bond has been in force for 1 year, you will be required to renew it with your license.  Submit an application for your bond renewal and let provide you with a free, no obligation quote.  We may just save you some money!


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