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Which Arkansas Surety Bond do I need?

With so many bond types available, finding the right Arkansas Surety Bond can be a daunting task. If you are unable to locate your specific bond on our site, don’t give up!  Contact one of our Surety Bond underwriters today and let them help you find the bond you need at the lowest possible cost to you.  

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Arkansas Surety Bonding has a wide array of Arkansas surety bonds available to, or required of individuals, businesses, residents and non residents.  While some surety bonds provide protection from fraud, others guarantee performance, compliance or payment obligations with an underlying rule, statute or code.  Surety Bonds are a third party financial guarantee tool providing protection to governmental entities, businesses and the citizens of the State of Arkansas. 

How do I get an Arkansas Surety Bond

Already know the surety bond you need?  Take a look at our list of available surety bond types below to find, apply and secure your Arkansas surety bond today!  If you do not find your bond type, please CONTACT US to speak with one of our knowledgeable surety bond professionals to assist you.

Not sure which surety bond you need? strives to provide the most comprehensive list of Arkansas bonding requirements on the internet, the team of surety professionals at are here to help!

What is the cost of an Arkansas Surety Bond?

The cost of an Arkansas Surety Bond is dependent on the particular bond type, the personal credit of the owners and in some cases the financial strength of the owners and the business.  Individuals with good credit can expect to pay between 1% and 3% for most bond types, while individuals with bad credit will experience higher rates due to the higher associated risk.

The Arkansas Surety Bond Professionals has compiled the most comprehensive list of available Arkansas surety bonds on the internet.  To find your bond, review the list of available bond types below or contact one of our surety bond underwriters for assistance. 

For additional information on Arkansas Surety Bonds, please browse our site and be sure to review our DefinitionsFAQ's.

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BondObligeeBond AmountActions
Arkansas Appraisal Management Company License BondArkansas Appraiser Licensing & Certification BoardVariesApply Now
Arkansas Bid BondsVariesApply Now
Arkansas Certificate of Title Surety BondsArkansas Department of Finance and AdministrationVariesApply Now
Arkansas Collection Agency License BondArkansas State Board Of Collection Agencies10,000.00-25,000.00Apply Now
Arkansas Notary BondArkansas Secretary of State7,500.00Apply Now
Arkansas Paid Solicitor License BondARKANSAS SECRETARY OF STATE10,000.00Apply Now
Arkansas Private Employment Agency License Surety Bond5,000.00Apply Now
Arkansas SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency Surety BondsVariesApply Now
Arkansas Utility Deposit Bond - Entergy Arkansas, LLCEntergy Arkansas, LLCVariesApply Now
Arkansas Utility Deposit Bond - Paragould Light Water and CableParagould Light Water and CableVariesApply Now
Utility Deposit BondGeneric Utility CompanyVariesApply Now

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