Employment Agency License Bond

What is an Employment Agency License Bond?

An Employment Agency License Surety bond is a classification of Commercial Surety Bonds that are required in order to secure an employment agency license as required by state statute, regulation or law.  Each state has individual requirements for licensing fees and required bond amounts which we have provided below.

Agencies who will be working with the Screen Actors Guild and or American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, also known as SAG/AFTRA may be required to post a SAG/AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency bond in accordance with their Employment Agency License bond.

SAG/AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency bond Requirements

Who is required to post an Employment Agency License Surety Bond?

Any business or individual who, for a fee, offers to place, procure or attempt to procure employment or temporary work for persons seeking employment or temporary work, or assist employers in finding employees to fill employment opportunities.  Employment Agency licenses can also be known as Talent Agencies, Entertainment Agencies, Temporary Help Service Firms, Modeling Agencies, Athlete agents and Agencies, Employment Counseling Service

How much do Employment Agency License Surety Bonds cost?

The base rate for an Employment Agency License Surety Bond is typically 1% of the required bond amount for qualifying accounts.  Factors such as personal credit and experience of the applicant will determine eligibility.  Do you have credit issues?  Don’t worry our Bad Credit Surety Bond Program lets you get the bond you need even though you may not qualify through standard surety companies!  Let the underwriters at A1SuretyBonds provide your bond at the lowest possible rate!

Find your state below to apply for your Employment Agency License Surety Bond and let our expert staff get the bond you need at the lowest possible price!  

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