Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond

The Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond, a mandatory requirement for debt collection agencies operating within the state of Arkansas, plays a pivotal role in maintaining trust and credibility in the industry. It serves as an assurance to the public and the state that the agency will adhere to all laws and regulations in their operations. 

What is an Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond?

The Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond is a financial guarantee mandated by the state to ensure that collection agencies operate within the confines of the law and maintain ethical business practices. This bond acts as a safety net for consumers, protecting them from potential fraudulent or unethical actions by collection agencies.

In essence, the bond is a form of insurance that ensures that collection agencies fulfill their obligations and adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Arkansas Collection Agency Board statutory provisions of the Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies (ASBCA), ASBCA statute and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  and  ASBCA Rules respectively. In the event of non-compliance, the bond provides a financial remedy for consumers who suffer financial losses.

This amount is set to cover any potential claims made by consumers against the agency. Importantly, the bond is not a one-time license expense, but rather it requires an annual premium payment to the surety in order to maintain the surety bond for the duration of the agency's license.

Furthermore, if a claim is made against the bond and found to be valid, the surety company that issued the bond is required to pay out up to the full bond amount. However, the collection agency is ultimately responsible for repaying the surety company for any claims paid out.

How much does a Collection Agency License Bond cost in Arkansas?

Determining the cost of an Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond requires considering several variables, including the bond amount set by the Board, the personal credit of the business owners and the premium rate offered by the surety bond company. The bond amount is the maximum amount that can be claimed by the bond's beneficiaries in case of a violation by the bonded collection agency. The premium rate, on the other hand, is a small percentage of the bond amount that the collection agency needs to pay to get bonded.

The required amount of an Arkansas collection agency bond depends on the number of debt collectors employed by the agency. 

Number of Collectors employed by the agencyMinimum Bond Amount RequiredAnnual Bond Cost (Premium)
Up to 5 Collectors$10,000$100 (Instant Issue)
6 - 12 Collectors $20,000$200 (Instant Issue)
More than 12 Collectors$25,000$250 (Instant Issue)

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Who needs a Collection Agency License Bond in Arkansas?

Operating within the state of Arkansas, every collection agency is legally required to have an Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond as part of their licensing requirements. This bond is not only a legal obligation, but also an assurance of ethical conduct in business operations, demonstrating accountability and trustworthiness to both clients and the state.

The Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond is needed by:

  • Collection Agencies: These are businesses or individuals who are engaged in collecting or receiving payment for others of any account, bill, or other indebtedness. The bond acts as a guarantee that the agency will comply with the laws and regulations of the state.
  • Debt Buyers: These are entities that purchase delinquent or charged-off debts for collection purposes. Even if the debt buying company outsources the actual collection process, they are still required to have this bond as they are considered collection agencies under Arkansas law.
  • Legal Debt Collectors: These are attorneys or law firms that collect debts as part of their practice. Despite their legal standing, they too are legally obligated to secure this bond if they engage in debt collection.

The Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond is a critical component of the licensing process, ensuring that all parties adhere to the state's laws and regulations. It is not merely a legal requirement, but a symbol of integrity, credibility, and commitment to ethical business practices. It is integral to fostering a sense of trust and belonging among stakeholders in the debt collection industry.

How does someone get a Collection Agency License Bond in Arkansas?

Securing an Arkansas Collection Agency License Bond involves a specific process, guided by the prevailing laws and regulations of the state. First and foremost, the interested party should apply for a license as a collection agency through the Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies. This application requires providing business details, proof of experience, and the payment of respective fees.  Next, the agency must obtain a surety bond. The bond amount is set by the Board based on a sliding scale, depending on the number of collectors employed by the agency. The purpose of the bond is to protect consumers against potential wrongful actions or unethical practices by the collection agency.  Apply now to get your AR Collection agency bond.  Once you receive your quote and approval, you simply pay the required bond premium and provide the required signed documentation and the bond will be issued and sent to the applicant for signature.  The original bond must be submitted to the Board as part of the licensing process.  Once the licensing and bonding processes are complete, the agency can commence operation. It is essential to note that the license and bond must be renewed annually to maintain active status. 

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