Nevada Contractors License Surety Bond - Residential Pool and Spa Consumer Protection Bond

To be licensed as a Pool and Spa Contractor in the state of Nevada, you are required to post a Nevada Contractors License - Consumer Protection Surety Bond in addition to the Contractors License Bond.  The bond amounts vary from $10,000 - $400,000 and is based upon the financial responsibility and magnitude of operations of the Pool and Spa Contractor.

In addition to the Consumer Protection Surety Bond, Pool and Spa Contractors must post a Nevada Contractors License Bond

Bid Bonds and Payement & Performance Bonds may also be required on each residential pool or spa project.

How do I get a Nevada (NV) Residential Pool and Spa Consumer Protection Bond ? has simplified the process of getting you bonded.  Our online application process takes less than 2 minutes to complete and once we receive payment, your bond is issued and sent out to you the very same day.  

How much does a Nevada (NV)  Residential Pool and Spa Consumer Protection Bond Cost?

As with most Commercial Surety Bonds, the cost of the bond will depend upon the credit of the applicant.  The standard base rate for this type of bond is between 3% - 5% of the required bond amount.  Accounts with less than stellar credit can expect to pay a higher rater through our Bad Credit Surety Bond program.  We have the best surety companies and the most understanding underwriters that will jump through hoops to get your bond issued.