Process Server License Bond

Process Servers offer a littany of services to the legal community, services such as filing court paperwork, delivering important court documents and serving writs, warrants, subpoenas or other court directed orders. Many states require Process Servers to be licensed and as a prerequisite to obtaining the license, they must post a surety bond as a guarantee that they licensed process server will comply with the state regulations, administrative codes and other legal aspects of performing the task of proces serving. 

How much does a process server license bond cost?

Applicants can expect to pay 1%-3% of the bond amount with a minimum bond premium of $100.  Depending upon the specific requirements, a credit report may or may not be required.  If your credit report isnt acceptable for standard rates, we have multiple options for those whos credit is on the mend.  Our bad credit surety bond program allows us to get the bond you need for a fair price, until your credit is acceptable for the standard rates.

Who requires Process Servers to post a surety bond? 

$10,000 NYC Process Server Bond (renews February 28, every year) - $100 per year

NYC 100,000 process serving agency bond (renews February 28, every year) - $1,000 per year (for qualifying accounts)

CA Process Server 2,000 - $49 for a 2 year bond

Knox County TN 5,000 - $100 per year


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