Washington Contractors License Surety Bond - Specialty

The State of Washington Department of Labor and Industry requires all contractors to be licensed in order to transact construction business within the state. Specialty Contractors (see below) are required to secure and provide a $6,000 Contractors License Surety Bond.

A Washington Specialty Contractor is one who specializes in a particular trade such as those listed in WAC 296-200A-016.  

How much does a Washington (WA) Specialty Contractors License Bond Cost?

The cost of these bonds is directly related to the credit of the applicant.  The standard rate is 5% of the amount of the bond for qualifying accounts, preferred rates are available.

Can I Get a Washington (WA) Specialty Contractors License Bond with Bad Credit?

We can issue Contractors License Bonds for 99% of the applicants no matter what their credit report looks like!  Our Bad Credit Surety Bond program allows those with credit on the mend to get the bond they need.  Let our expert underwriters assist you today!