City of Buffalo, NY Collection Agency

The City of Buffalo, NY requires that any person, firm or corporation that collects, advertises to collect, attempts to collect or hold itself out as able or willing to collect, for hire or remuneration in any form, any bill, debt, demand, sum of money or other thing of value due or claimed to be due or owing to any other person, firm or corporation or conducts the business known as a 'collection agency" must first obtain a license to do so.

Every applicant for a collection agency license or any renewal of an existing license must post a $5,000 City of Buffalo Collection Agency Surety Bond

The bond guarantees that the licensee shall faithfully comply with the provisions of Chapter 140 of the Code of the City of Buffalo relating to collection agencies and will pay all damages caused by reason of any misstatement, misrepresentation, fraud or deceit or any other unlawful act or omission of the licensee, his agents or employees, while acting within the scope of their employ.

Each year this bond expires and must be renewed or replaced on or before September 30th.  So whether you are looking for a new bond or just looking to lower your rate for your renewal, let the staff at A1SuretyBonds get the bond you need to keep your license in effect!

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