Nevada Certificate of Title Surety Bonds

The State of Nevada requires a  you to secure a certificate of title bond if you are unable to provide "adequate proof of ownership of a vehicle and you are unable to contact the previous owner for the necessary documentation".  A Bonded Title allows you to secure a title on your vehicle which will allow you to register your vehicle in the State of Nevada.  Per the NV Department of Motor Vehicles you must be a Nevada Resident and you must first contact and apply with the Nevada DMV Title Research Section in Carson City.  You can contact them directly at 775-684-4810.  **DO NOT purchase a bond until you have been directed by them to do so**

What is the process to obtain a Nevada Bonded Title?

  • Contact the Department’s Title Research Section, in Carson City
  • Complete parts 1 and 2 of the Affidavit for Bonded Vehicle Title (VP 271). Vehicle inspections may be completed at DMV Full Service offices, by a sworn law enforcement officer or by a business authorized by the DMV in accordance with NRS 482.220.
  • Send the Affidavit for Bonded Vehicle Title (VP 271) and copies of all ownership documents to the Title Research Section.
  • The Department will conduct a vehicle theft and brand history search.
  • The Department will calculate the bond amount based on the original Manufacturer’s Retail Price (MRP).
  • The Department will return the bond amount, listing of required documents and any additional requirements.
  • Obtain the bond and complete the Vehicle Bond Affidavit (VP 272).
  • Complete all areas in full, either typed or printed in ink.
  • Part 4 of the Affidavit for Bonded Vehicle Title (VP 271) must be notarized or witnessed by an authorized DMV employee.
  • Return all original documentation and fees to the Title Research Section in Carson City.

For additional information, please see the NV Department of Motor Vehicles website for step by step information on obtaining a Bonded Title in the State of Nevada

How much does a Nevada Certificate of Title bond cost?

For bonds up to $30,000 the rate is 1.5% and the bond does not require any underwriting, which means no credit report is required.  Simply input your bond information on our online application and pay for your bond.  You will receive a copy of your bond once payment is made and the original signed bond will be sent to you via USPS mail or UPS if you chose ($35 additional fee for overnight shipments).  For bonds over $30,000 a credit report will be required.