Colorado Retail Marijuana License Surety Bond

The Colorado Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division, requires all Retail Marijuana Business Licensees to post and maintain a $5,000.00 surety bond as part of the licensing requirements.  This bond has a term of 1 year and expires on the last day of the month the license was issued in with the option to renew in 1 year terms at each anniversary date.

What is a Retail Marijuana Business License bond?

A type of Commercial Surety Bond that guarantees the Principal will report and pay all sales and use taxes due the State of Colorado, or due any other entity for which the State is the collector or collecting agent, in a timely manner as provided by law. As with any other form of Tax Bond, this is a financial guarantee that the business owner will comply with the requirements and pay the amounts due as required by law.

Licensing information can be found by visiting the Retail Marijuana Licensing Information page provided by the CO Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue.

Can I get a Retail Marijuana License Bond with bad Credit?

Applicants with credit issues can still be bonded!  We have partnered with numerous surety companies to provide a bad credit surety bond program for those who cannot qualify through the standard underwriting process.  We can get the bond you need, regardless of your credit! 

Marijuana surety bond requirements in the state of CO:

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City of Aurora Retail Marijuana Establishment License Bond

City and County of Denver Retail Marijuana License Surety Bond 

City and County of Denver Medical Marijuana License Bond

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