Washington Wholesale Fish Dealers Performance Surety Bond

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife requires all Wholesale Fish Dealers to provide a Performance Surety Bond in an amount equal to $1,000.00 for each buyer engaged by the wholesale dealer.  In no case shall the bond be less than $2,000.00 and no more than $50,000.00

A Wholesale Fish Dealer License is required of anyone who is engaged in the:

  • Commercial processing of food fish or shellfish, including custom canning or processing of personal use food fish or shellfish
  • Wholesale selling, buying, or brokering of food fish or shellfish (excludes those who buy exclusively from washington licensed wholesale dealers and sell solely at retail)
  • Fishermen who land and sell their catch or harvest in the state to anyone other than a licensed wholesale dealer within or outside the state, unless the fisher has a direct retaile endorsement
  • Commercial manufacture or preparation of fertilizer, oil, meal, caviar, fish bait, or other by products from food fish or shellfish
  • A business employing a fish buyer


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