Knox County Tennessee Process Server Bond

Knox County requires Process Servers of the Knox County General Sessions Court to be license and to post a $5,000 Process Server bond for the benefit of the people of the State of Tennessee to guarantee faithful performance and execution of thier duties in compliance with the statutes governing their license. (Tennessee Code Annotated 16-15-901 - 16-15-905 & 29-18-115 and the local rules of the Court, Rule 18)  If you are currently licensed as a Knox County Process Server, you will need to reapply for the annual renewal and provide the required surety bond.

Apply for your $5,000 Knox County Process server bond and let our staff get the bond you need for $100 per year.

As a process server you may also require a TN Notary Bond, let your underwriter know if you need to secure a notary bond too! 


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