Oregon Defendants Judicial Court Surety Bonds

Oregon Defendants Appeal Bond  

Defendants Appeal Bonds are most typically required by the court when a monitary judgment is awarded and the losing party desires to appeal the courts decision.  The surety bond satisfies their requirement to pay while they file a motion to appeal, in effect it stays the winning parties ability to execute on the judgment and proves to the court that the judgment will be honored without false delay.

Also known as a Supersedeas Surety Bond, a Writ of Error Surety Bond, and a Stay of Execution Surety Bond.

Oregon Defendants Bond to Discharge/Release of Attachment

Required by the court when the defendant wishes to post a surety bond in place of the property being attached by the plaintiff.

Oregon Defendants Bond to Dissolve Injunction

Required by a court when the Defendant wishes to post a surety bond as security to dissolve the injunction when an injunctive order has been awarded to the plaintiff. 

Oregon Defendants Bond to Recover Property Replevied

Required by a court when a defendants property has been replevied and the defendant wishes to regain possession of said property, during the course of the trial, pending final decision on the merits of the case.

Oregon Defendants Bond to Discharge/Release Mechanics Lien

Required in proceedings where one party has placed a lien on the property of another for monies that they feel are due and payable to them, yet remains unpaid.

Oregon Defendants Bond of Counter Replevin

A counter replevin bond is required by the court as a guarantee that the defendant will surrender the property, or its equivalent cash value, to the plaintiff should the court rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

Oregon Defendants Stay of Execution Bond / Supersedeas Bond

Required by a court to prevent the winning party from executing on a judgment while the losing party files an appeal.  Also known as a Defendants  Appeal Surety Bond.

Oregon Defendants Bond to Discharge/Release Garnishment

Required by a court to discharge or release money or property belonging to the defendant has been attached and is being held in the hands of a third party.  This bond may be required before the court will order a release of garnishment. The bond is used as a guarantee that the debt owed will be paid if it is found to be valid. 

Oregon Defendants Indemnity to Sheriff/Marshall Surety Bond

A Sheriff’s Indemnity Bond protects a law enforcement agency seizing property on behalf of a Defendant from a Plaintiff, should the defendant seek damages against the enforcement agency.  The sheriff or marshal can require the party making the request to provide a bond to cover their liability. 

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