Surety Bonds 101 - Judicial Bonds

  • Judicial bonds provide a guarantee on the part of a Principal that is involved in a court action. All court bonds are non-cancelable in nature. They can guarantee costs, damages, actions or faithful performance of an obligation overseen or directed by the court. Some common court bonds are:
    • Attachment Bonds - guarantee that the Principal will pay damages if property is later determined to have been wrongfully attached on their behalf through a court action. 
    • Injunction or Restraining Order Bonds - guarantee that if it is later adjudged that an injunction or restraining order had wrongfully been place on the Obligee, that the Principal will pay for and costs or damages that result from these actions having occurred.
    • Appeal, Supersedeas or Stay of Execution Bonds - guarantee that the Principal will pay to the Obligee the amount of any Judgment plus costs and interest owed by the Principal as a result of a verdict from a lower court while the Principal pursues an appeal of the verdict through the judicial system.

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