Connecticut Fund Raising Counsel or Paid Solicitor Surety Bond

The Connecticut Solicitation of Charitable funds Act requires that no person shall solicit money for charitable purposes or act as a paid solicitor in the state unless they have first registered with the CT Department of Consumer Affairs. Registration shall be valid for one year and may be renewed for additional one-year periods.   Applicants shall, at the time of application, file with the board a $20,000 CT Fund Raising or Paid Solicitor Surety Bond, which must be renewed annually for any subsequent renewal periods.

The surety bond runs to the state of CT and is required for the protection of any person who may have a cause of action against the licensee for any liabilities resulting from the conduct of any activities subject to sections 21a-190a to 21a-190of the Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act, inclusive, or arising out of a violation or misconduct under the sections or any regulation adopted pursuant to said sections.  

Charitable solicitation registration requirements should be verified with the CT Dept of Consumer protection prior to applying for a surety bond.  The state also provides a handy Guide for Starting a Charitable Organization in CT to further assist you in the process of setting up your entity.

How do I get a $20,000 Connecticut Fund Raising Counsel or Paid Solicitor bond?

Simply complete our online application for a Fund Raising Counsel or Paid Solicitor Surety Bond in order to receive your free surety bond quote.  Accounts that require surety bonds in multiple states should contact our office after completing the initial application.

How much does a Fund Raising Counsel or Paid Solicitor bond in the State of CT?

As with most surety bonds, the price is dependent upon the personal credit of the applicant.  This particular bond has an average cost of 1-2% of the surety bond amount, annually.