California Special Lines Insurance Broker License Surety Bond

A California Special Lines Surplus Line Broker License is required of persons who place the following types of insurance with non-admitted insurers:

  •   -Insurance against perils of navigation, transit or transportation upon hulls, freights or disbursements, or other shipowner interests; upon goods, wares, merchandise and all other personal property and interests therein, in course of exportation from or importation into any country or transportation coastwise, including transportation by land or water from point or origin to final destination and including war risks; and marine builder's risks, dry docks and marine railways, including insurance of ship repairer's liability, and protection and indemnity insurance, but excluding insurance covering bridges or tunnels.
  •   -Aircraft insurance.
  •   -Insurance on property or operations of railroads engaged in interstate commerce.

In order to be licensed as a Special Lines Surplus Broker in the State of California, the agent must post and maintain a $10,000.00 Special Lines Insurance Broker License Surety Bond.

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