Texas Athlete Agent License Surety Bond

Acting as an Athlete Agent in the State of Texas requires registration with the secretary of state as an Athlete Agent.  Texas has two types of athlete agents:

  • Professional Athlete Agents must be certified by at least one national professional sports association, such as the National Football League Players Association, National Basketball Players Association, Major League Baseball Players Association, National Hockey League Players' Association, or United States Soccer Federation.
  • Limited Athlete Agents are not required to be certified by a national professional sports association, but may only represent an athlete in a sport that does not have a national professional sports association that certifies or licenses agents, such as golf or tennis.

As part of the licensing requirements, all Athlete Agent Licensees must post and maintain a $50,000.00 Athlete Agent License Surety Bond.


All Licensed Athelete Agents must also post a $100,000.00 Athlete Agent Financial Services Surety Bond or an affidavit that states they are not currently and will not in the future provide Financial Services to the Athlete(s) they are representing.

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