City of Lebanon TN Permit Bond

In accordance with TITLE 12 SECTION 12-504 of the CITY OF LEBANON MUNICIPAL CODE of Laws.The City of Lebanon TN requires any person who is engaging in work at the installation, extension or alteration of consumer's gas piping or certain gas appliances, until such person has secured a license as hereinafter provided, and executed and delivered to the commissioner of finance and revenue a good and sufficient City of Lebanon Permit bond in the amount of $10,000, with corporate surety, conditioned for the faithful performance of all such work, entered upon or contracted for, in strict accordance and compliance with the provisions of the gas code. The bond herein required shall expire on the first day of January next following its approval by the commissioner of finance and revenue, and thereafter on the first day of January of each year a new bond, in form and substance as herein required, shall be given by such person to cover all such work to be done during such year. 

How much does a City of Lebanon Permit Bond cost?

The minimum bond required is $10000 with an annual cost $100 per year and can be obtained easily by completing our.City of Lebanon Permit Bond Online application