Tennessee Contractors Permit Surety Bond - Hendersonville

The City of Hendersonville, TN requires contractors to secure and provide a City of Hendersonville Contractors Permit Surety Bond when bidding on or performing work within city limits.

  • For Contracts or Bids under $25,000.00 - Bond amount $10,000.00
  • For Contracts or Bids over $25,000.00 - Bond Amount $50,000.00
  • For Contracts that involve Plumbing or Mechanical Work - Bond Amount $40,000.00

The bond guarantees that the Principal shall in all respects comply with and conform to all codes, laws and ordinances of the City of Hendersonville, relating to but not limited to excavation and construction in public right-of-way, building, grading, plumbing, electrical, gas/mechanical, housing, fire, health and zoning: that this obligation shall further bind the Principal and Surety for any damage to property of the City of Hendersonville resulting from contractors of the Principal, such as but not limited to streets, roads, curbs, gutters, water, sewer and storm water drainage lines, sidewalks, alleys, traffic signs and signals, and for the costs of repairs incurred by property owners resulting from the failure of the Principal to comply with and conform to the above mentioned codes, laws and ordinances of the City of Hendersonville.

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