Georgia Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Surety Bonds

Why do I need an Georgia (GA) Certificate of Title Surety Bond?

If you do not have acceptable evidence of ownership for your Motor Vehicle, Boat, Motor Home, Mobile Home, Motorcycle or other titled property, you have the ability to provide the State of Georgia with a Certificate of Title Surety Bond in order to get a new title so you can register your vehicle.  No matter what the condition of the vehicle, the bond must be 2 times the average retail value of the vehicle according to the values used by the Ga Department of Motor Vehicles and Ga Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division. (Certain bond amounts may be obtained from your County Tag Office.)  The minimum bond amount required is $5,000.00

IMPORTANT - To obtain a GA Certificate of Title based on a Certificate of Title Surety Bond:

  • 1. The vehicle owner must be a legal resident of GA
  • 2. The vehicle must require a GA Motor Vehicle Title
  • 3. Cannot be an abandonded vehicle
  • 4. Cannot be a model year of 1985 or older

For full information and requirements on securing a bonded title in Georgia, see the GA Dept of Revenue - Bonded Vehicle site

What do I need to get my Georgia (GA) Certificate of Title Surety Bond?

The application is very simple and straightforward, you will need the following information to complete it:

  • Your name and Home Address
  • Vehicle Year, Make and Model
  • Vehicle Vin # or Serial #
  • Amount the bond needs to be for or the value of the vehicle
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for your bond 

Low Bond rates for Georgia (GA) Certificate of Title Surety Bonds

Certificate of Title Surety Bonds are typically 1.5% of the required bond amount for applicants with good credit. Don't worry though, bonds up to $25,000.00 do not even require a credit check and for bonds over $25,000, we have Bad Credit bonding programs that we can get your bond approved and issued with the same fast and easy service.