Florida Medicaid Provider Surety Bond

The Agency for Health Care Administration (HCA) requires Medicaid providers to enroll in the Florida Medicaid program in order to receive their 9-digit Medicaid Provider number so they can bill for reimbursement on services rendered to Medicaid Recipients.

A Florida Medicaid Provider surety bond is required for the following provider types:

Physician groups (provider types 25 and 26, with practice type 35, when more than 50 percent owned by non-physicians)

Transportation Providers (Provider Types 41, 43 & 47 - when enrolling with rates in excess of $0.00)

Independent Laboratories - (Provider Type 50)

Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DME Providers) (Provider type 90)

Home and Community based service providers (HCBS) (Provider type 67)

*Some exceptions do apply, verify your requirements with the FL HCA 

How much does a FL Medicaid Provider Surety Bond cost?

The required surety bond is set by statutory requirement or it is based upon the total amount billed to Medicaid by the provider in a calendar year, with a minimum bond amount of $50,000 being required.  Each provider location must provide a seperate bond up to a maximum of $250,000 in bonds being required statewide per tax id number.  For entities operating multiple locations under one tax id number, a single bond can be utilized to cover multiple locations.  Surety Bond rates for Medicaid provider bonds begin at 1% -2% for qualifying accounts.  Rates adjust to higher amounts for accounts that may be suffering from credit issues.  Apply for your Florida Medicaid Provider Surety Bond and let our expert staff get the bond you need at the lowest possible price!