Florida Certificate of Title Surety Bond

Why do I need an Florida (FL) Certificate of Title Surety Bond?

Title Bond for Lost Damaged, Stolen or Defective Titles

If you do not have acceptable evidence of ownership for your Motor Vehicle, Motor Home, Mobile Home, Motorcycle or other titled property, you have the ability to provide the State of Florida with a Certificate of Title Surety Bond in order to get a new title so you can register your vehicle.  The Bond amount must be 2 times the amount of the value of the vehicle as established by the FL Department of Motor Vehicles.



You may need a Florida Certificate of title bond if:

  • The original title was lost, stolen misplaced or destroyed.
  • You bought a vehicle but failed to receive a title and can no longer secure one from the seller.
  • You purchased a vehicle that is older and doesnt have a title.
  • You have a custom-built vehicle.
  • Exception - Florida does not accept Certificate of Title bonds for boats or other water going vessels

What do I need to get my Florida (FL) Certificate of Title Surety Bond?

The application is very simple and straightforward, you will need the following information to complete it:

  • Your name and Home Address
  • Vehicle Year, Make and Model
  • Vehicle Vin # or Serial #
  • Kelly Blue Book or NADA value of the vehicle (bond amount must be 2X that amount)
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for your bond 

Low Bond rates for Florida (FL) Certificate of Title Surety Bonds

Florida Certificate of Title Surety Bonds are 1.5% of the required bond amount (minimum cost of $100) for applicants with good credit. Don't worry though, bonds up to $30,000.00 are instant issue and do not require a credit check! Get your Florida Certificate of Title Surety Bond today!