Administrator - Executor Bonds

Administrator Surety Bonds, also known as an Executor Surety Bond are required by the Probate Court to ensure that the Appointed Fiduciary of an Estate will properly distribute the assets of the deceased party without perpetrating fraud or improper use of the funds.   In order to qualify for an Administrator surety bond, the applicant should have good credit and display an ability to manage their own credit and finances.  The involvement of an attorney is recommended for the duration of the probate case due to filing requirements of the court. 

Types of Administrator Surety Bonds available through A1SuretyBonds are: 

  • Administrator Surety Bonds - Where an individual is named to manage the administration of a deceased persons estate.
  • Administrator Surety Bonds - Cum Testamento annexo (With Will Annexed) - Wherein the deceased left a will, but not naming an Administrator/Executor or the named Administrator/Executor fails to qualify.
  • Administrator Surety Bonds - Cum Testamento, de bonis non (with will annexed-successor) - Wherein the prior Administrator/Executor has died, resigned or been discharged before administration is completed and the will was annexed.
  • Administrator Surety Bonds - De Bonis Non (Successor) - Wherein the prior Administrator/Executor has died, resigned or been discharged before administration is completed.
  • Administrator Surety Bonds - Pendente Lite - Where there is a contest of the will or other circumstances which delay qualification of the Administrator/Executor, if there is a will or the appointment of an Administrator/Executor, if there is no will.  Also known as a Temporary Administrator/Executor.
  • Administrator Surety Bonds - To sell Real Estate - Required with the sole purpose of granting the authority to the Administrator/Executor to sell Real Estate owned by the estate, also known as a Special Administrator/Executor.

What is required to apply for an Administrator or Executor bond?

  1. Complete our Online application for Administrator or Executor bonds
  2. Provide a copy of the court order or petition to us when requested
  3. Receive your bond quote via email with instructions on how to proceed.

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