Colorado Supervised Lender License Surety Bond

A Colorado supervised lender’s license is required of all businesses actively engaged in the business of providing supervised loans. A supervised loan is a consumer loan with an annual percentage rate greater than 12% per year, or for an adjustable rate loan, has a maximum cap that could exceed 12% per year. Consumer loans include both secured and unsecured consumer loans; deferred deposit loans (also known as payday loans, post-dated check cashing, and/or deferred deposit lending); small installment loans; credit cards; consumer insurance premium financing; and the real estate secured loans described below. A license is needed if you regularly: 

  • 1.  make supervised loans,
  • 2.  collect supervised loans the lender previously made, service, take assignment of, or purchase supervised loans and collect or enforce rights arising from them
  • 3.  engage in deferred deposit loans, offer these loans, or act as an agent for a third party making these loans (even if the loans are approved by a third party and that third party is exempt from licensing), in addition to the above activities.


The surety bond amount is adjusted June 1 each year based on the total Colorado loan volume for the prior calendar year. The amounts required (for each location) are:

Annual Colorado Loan Volume           Surety Bond Amount Required
$0 - $500,000      $15,000.00     
Over $500,000 - $1 Million      $20,000.00
Over $1 Million      $25,000.00

A minimum Supervised Lender License Surety Bond of $25,000.00 is required for each licensed location with a maximum cap of $250,000 for all licensed locations.



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