California Unlawful Detainer Assistant (UDA) Surety Bond

As per the definition provided in the  California Business and Professions Code, Division 3, Chapter 5.5 Article 1, §6400 an Unlawful Detainer Assistant (UDA) is someone who provides assistance or advice, for a fee,  in the prosecution or defense of an unlawful detainer claim or action, including any bankruptcy petition that may affect the claim or action.  An example of an Unlawful Detainer action is when someone refuses to vacate a property they have no legal right to live on, basically a landlord - tenant eviction case.

Anyone operating in this capacity must seek the appropriate license with their corresponding county clerks office.  One of the licensing requirements is to post an Unlawful Detainer Assistant bond in accordance with the amounts required in §6405 of the aforementioned code for a 2 year term.

Who needs Unlawful Detainer Assistant Bonds in California?

Anyone assisting, for a fee, a landlord or tenant in a landlord-tenant case wherein a landlord is attempting to have a tenant vacate the property, but the tenant is refusing will need to be licensed and bonded to act in the capacity of an Unlawful Detainer Assistant as per Business & Professions Code Sections 6400 Et Seq.  The surety bond guarantees that the UDA will comply with the provisions of Division 3, Chapter of 5.5 of the California Business and Professions code.  So whether you are a tenant who has been served to vacate a property or a landlord who is seeking to evict a tenant, a UDA can assist you and you will have the security of an Unlawful Detainer Assistant surety bond to protect against fraudulent, dishonest or just plain untrustworthy actions of the licensed UDA

How much of a bond is required for a UDA License?

Individuals applying for a certificate of registration as assistants must post a $25,000 bond. - Instant Issue - $438 for the 2 year term - Buy Now

Corporations or partnerships applying for certificates of registration must post a bond in varying amounts depending on the number of assistants they employ:


How much do UDA bonds cost for the required 2 year term?

Currently we offer the $25,000 bond for $438.00 for the required 2 year term without any underwriting or signed documentation required, simply complete the application online, pay and print a copy of your bond, the original bond will be mailed to you that day.  Amounts over $25,000 require a credit report review and an indemnity agreement to be signed by the applicant as a guarantee to the surety company that they will hold them harmless in the event of a bond claim.    The rate you will be charged is based upon the personal credit of the owners of the business and the number of years experience in this field.

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