Arizona Taxpayer Surety Bond For Contractors

Taxpayer Surety Bonds for Contractors are required of the following:

  • Certain Transaction Privilege Tax license applicants who will engage in contracting.
  • Certain prime contractors who have construction contracts valued at $50,000 or more.
  • Contractors who are delinquent in paying Arizona taxes or have a history of delinquency. 


There are 5 different levels of Surety Bond available under this classification:

Taxpayer Surety Bond for Contractors - $2,000.00<

  • General contractors of residential buildings, other than single family housing; operative builders; plumbing, air conditioning, and heating; painting, paper hanging, decorating; electrical work, masonry stonework and other stonework; plastering, drywall, acoustical and insulation work, terrazzo, tile, marble and mosaic work; carpentry; floor laying and other floor work; roofing and sheet metal work; concrete work, water well drilling, structural steel erection; glass and glazing work; excavating and foundation work; wrecking and demolition work; installation and erection of building equipment; special trade contractors; and manufactures of mobile homes.


Taxpayer Surety Bond for Contractors - $7,000.00

  • General contractors of single family housing, water, sewer, pipeline, communication and power-line construction.


Taxpayer Surety Bond for Contractors - $17,000.00

  • General contractors of industrial building and warehouses; of non-residential buildings; and highways and street construction except elevated highways.


Taxpayer Surety Bond for Contractors - $22,000.00

  • Heavy construction not elsewhere classified (e.g. dams, golf courses, land drainage, etc.).


Taxpayer Surety Bond for Contractors - $102,000.00

  • Bridge, tunnel and elevated highway construction.


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