Tennessee Metro Nashville Contractors Permit Surety Bond

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville, Department of Codes & Building Safety, requires all contractors to have a Metro Nashville Contractors Permit Surety Bond on Metro Form DCAB7, to insure property owners and Metropolitan Government that construction meets code standards. 

What Metro Nashville Permit Bond will I need?

Contractor Permit TypeBond AmountBond Cost
Contracts or Bids Less than $25,000 $10,000$100.00
Contracts or Bids Greater than $25,000$40,000$200.00
Electrical, Gas/Mechanical, Plumbing & Excavation$40,000$200.00
Blasting Contractors$10,000$100.00
House Moving Contractors$40,000$200.00

Who needs a Metro Nashville Permit Bond?

If you are a contractor working in Nashville and or Davidson County Tennessee, you will need a permit bond in order to pull the permits required for the work you are performing in the confines of Nashville and Davidson County.  Please refer to the chart above to determine the bond amount you will be required to purchase.  Once you have your bond, you will submit to the Nashville Metro Government in order to secure your ability to pull a permit.


Still not sure of what you need?  Check out Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Department of Codes & Building Safety CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING PERMITS or you can call one of our surety bond professionals to help guide you through the process.



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