Fast Track Contract Bonds is proud to announce our partnership with CNA Surety to offer their Fast Track program for bid, payment and performance surety bonds.  With a  simplified application process and minimal requirements, we can secure the contract surety bond you need with a limited time commitment on your part.

For contractors that are irregular users of surety credit or seasoned contractors that only have a need for contract surety bonds in amounts of less than $350,000 for single jobs with an aggregate bonding capacity of less than $700,000, the Fast Track Contract Surety Bond program is just what you need.

Download the short Fast Track Contract Surety Bond application or feel free to contact one of our surety bond underwriters at 800-737-4880 to discuss your specific case.


Once you have completed the application simply return it via fax or email along with the RFP, PO or other Job specifications.

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