Michigan (MI) Conservator - Guardian Bonds

Michigan Conservator / Guardianship / Trustee / Custodian Surety Bonds are required of appointed fiduciaries responsible for the administration of the estate of a minor child or an individual that has been legally declared as an incompetent.  Types of conservator / guardianship surety bonds available through A1SuretyBonds.com in the State of Michigan: 

  • Conservator Surety Bonds
  • Guardianship Surety Bond
  • Guardian Ad Litem Surety Bonds - Required by the court of a Temporary Guardian to preserve the assets of the ward during process to appoint a General Guardian.
  • Guardian on the Sale of Real Estate Surety Bonds - Required by the court of a guardian authorizing the sale of real estate belonging to the estate of the ward.  Can also be referred to as Guardian Ad Litem, Special Guardianship Surety Bond, or Temporary Guardianship Surety Bond
  • Committee Surety Bonds
  • Curator Surety Bonds
  • Custodian of a Veteran Surety Bonds - Required by the Department of Veterans Affairs after a veteran, is deemed incapacitated. This bond protect the veteran’s assets from being misapplied or misused by the fiduciary.
  • Trustee Surety Bonds
  • Trustee for the Sale of Real Estate Surety Bonds
  • Receivers / Trustees to manage Property of Businesses

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